Hi, I'm Grace Duarte
I'm a graphic designer. I completed my BFA from NJCU in 2015, but I've been working as a graphic designer since at least 2010.

I specialize in identity and marketing but I love exploring other areas of graphic design, it keeps things interesting and fresh. I also have experience in professional photography, video production and editing of both.

I am always eager to work. I’m enthusiastic about life, and passionate about all things design. I also enjoy illustrating, calligraphy, writing short stories and poems, reading and nature walks.
The Process
My approach to design is simple: match the client's ideals with their audience's needs.
The process is a lot like alchemy: I take to the sketch pad, then get to work. I add the ingredients it needs, experiment, give it time to evaluate how well it works, and just let the magic happen.

To me the process is important in that it dictates the direction a design will go, as I try to work down to the last detail. When all is done the result reflects all the dedication and love that’s gone into the project.

I am partial to contrast, and I use it whenever possible; I also like to experiment with textures. I love using bright and vibrant colors, as I find them to be full of energy and bring life to a composition.

Here's more or less what the full process looks like

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